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Kyle-Steven Porter

Artist, writer, DJ, podcaster, performer




Greetings. I'm Kyle.

Depending on where we met, you likely only got a piece of who I am. Kyle-Steven Porter is my 9-5, academic and professional self. That's the name you'll find attached to my writing, my LinkedIn, my resume and my snail mail. KSP is the version I've found myself in a lot of  nonprofit and community oriented spaces. If you met me during my time with Geeks OUT, at the PAX Conventions, or in my current work at Out in Tech, you may have met me as KSP. Kyle Danger is who I am as an artist - this website's first iteration was called The Art of Kyle Danger. DJ Kyle Danger is who will get you shaking your ass on the dance floor. Physical business cards are a smidge passé and not terribly eco-friendly, but if you wind up with one, it'll likely have Kyle Danger's name at the top.

All of this is to suggest not that I have multiple personalities, but rather, multiple interests and talents - and I've gotten less humble about the fact that I'm pretty damn good at all of them. You might not think of one person for all of your artistic and creative needs - but that's only because you haven't asked me.

So poke around, explore some of my work, and if any of it speaks to you and compels you to want to commission something - let's have a kiki.

(I wanted to write KyKy but depending on your level of pop culture knowledge, that could have a very different connotation...and I don't think I'd use this site to advertise such services.) 

Notable Life Experiences


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April 2003 - late 2010

September 5, 2002

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April 13, 1988

Kyle releases his first DJ compilation and publishes his first book of collected art & writings.

Kyle starts working for global nonprofit Out in Tech, helping to create virtual career events for thousands of job seekers, DEIB roundtable content for 100+ tech companies and corporations, countless in person events in NY and the continental US, and serving a virtual community of 50,000 LGBTQ+ members worldwide.

Kyle plays his first public DJ gig in Brooklyn, NY.

Kyle attends the second ever FlameCon, and begins his volunteer work with Geeks OUT, winding up serving on the board for 6 years.

Kyle records his first appearance on The Shade Of It All Podcast: A RuCast PodRace for RuPaul's Drag Race. It is the first of 150+ (and counting) that he will record.

Kyle participates in his first public gallery showing as a featured artist.

Kyle starts working as an after school art and theater teacher for middle schoolers in Brooklyn. It is a short-lived endeavor.

Kyle enters the full time, W2-receiving, capitalist nightmare workforce, starting as a peer educator at a neighborhood sexual health and wellness clinic, and eventually heading into the retail workforce for the next 7.5 years. During this time he cultivates his relationship with insomnia, as well as writing his first serialized television series, Naked Soup.

Kyle graduates high school. He opts not to go to college.

Kyle starts first as a playwriting student, then in the general acting lab, at MCC Youth Theater. Here he has his first 3 plays produced with cast, crew, set and dramaturgy as part of the FreshPlay Festival (2005-2007), as well as assisting with productions of UnCensored in the years following his tenure.

Kyle starts school at LaGuardia HS of Music, Art & Performing Arts. Despite also being admitted for acting and instrumental music, Kyle opts to major as a visual art student.

Kyle starts acting at City Lights Youth Theatre. Over the next 8 years of his involvement, he'll perform in 7 mainstage musicals, assist with several other stage productions and classes, and also help direct and produce shows by a student-founded alumni group, Lights Out.

Kyle comes out to his two best friends.

Kyle starts 6th grade at Manhattan East. Here he begins extensive studies and training in visual art, acting and instrumental music, taking up first the alto clarinet and then bass clarinet. He also performs in drag for the first time during the 8th grade talent show.

Kyle starts 3rd grade at Central Park East 2 in Manhattan. Here he begins to "publish" his writing, including his first serialized book series, Book Hunters. He also begins to explore play & scriptwriting, assists as a student aide for the younger special education class, and participates in both Audio/Video Club and co-founds Kids' Court with a classmate to help settle peer disputes.

Kyle starts Pre-K at PS 36 in Manhattan. His education here introduces him to visual art, instrumental and vocal music, stage acting and dance.

Using the letter and number blocks and magnets given to him as a child, Kyle teaches himself how to read and write.

Kyle is born in Washington Heights, NYC.

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